The Art of Gerry O. Wyche
21st Century Surrealism

The Art of Gerry O. Wyche

During the university training of Gerry O. Wyche he experimented with several styles of expression. Finally, Mr. Wyche found the spiritual dimension of expression in the work of Salvador Dali; the surrealistic master influenced the work of Gerry O. Wyche forever.

Formulating his own unique style within the surrealistic movement, Mr. Wyche has achieved great artistic leaps forward as he expresses the fine line between reality and fantasy with his surrealistic landscapes and figures.

Through careful planning Mr. Wyche creates a fusion of conscious and unconscious thoughts expressed in a dream-like quality. In a world filled with confusion, he seeks to communicate his crystal clear visions of beauty, harmony, eternity and God. His imaginary worlds assist the viewer in the discovery of his very private visions, through Surrealism.

Contact information:
Gerry O. Wyche
1371 Kirby Road
McLean, Virginia 22101

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